Weird things

We hope you have enjoyed the postings of weird things on these pages…. keep a look-out.  You pass these types of things every day!
(Just click on the pictures for a better look!)


April 10/09 – We thought we’d give you an idea of what fuel prices were like in September 2008 at Schatz Fuel stop in North Dakota and then just before we left the good ol’ USA back to the land of reality where diesel is now approx . $3.80 US a gallon today.

September 2008, North Dakota


Just don't do it!!Apr. 02/09 – Somewhere near Weed, California. Apparently almost as dangerous as drinking and driving and if you have followed or been cut off by a driver doing this , you already know that…we were referred to the movie with Will Smith – Seven Pounds.

Everything is us.!

Mar. 26/09 – Well only in Las Vegas would you get a business like this …….

I spy.....

Mar. 21/09 – While driving through Arizona we noted several roadside checks some of which we were stopped in, several cameras are set up to take drivers, passengers and infrared (heat sensing) pictures of the traveling public and their vehicles. Some manned and some not. You decide what they might be for…we thought they were odd.

Mar. 16/09 – Landscaping takes no holidays in these hot states. We couldn’t get a really good straight on piLook ma, no safety net!cture but the brush on this pick-up hung over at least 3 feet on the drivers side and 5 feet on the rear. Can you see the extension ladder on the top of the load which wasn’t tied down with the two pieces of rope used to hold most of the load on…. ‘yah just had to see it to believe it!!

We'll be shovelling off at 2Mar. 12/09 – Don’t you kind of miss these types of catchy sayings now that everything has to be politically correct?


Mar. 06/09 – Talk about temperature shifts, check out the difference of a mere 58 miles can make driving through the desert!

I couldn't believe it either!Mar. 1/09 – Leaving Texas behind we were reminded of the love to hunt and place trophies on the wall. Here is a trophy that the bar owner was proud of and swears were shot nearly the same time at a nearby nuclear facility..


Feb. 24/09 – Religion comes in all ideals and interpretations but we found this one very easy to understand and enjoyed the sense of humour in the ministry…..only in Texas!

Silver manFeb. 17/09 – There were so many different and weird things in New Orleans that it was hard to pick one oCollecting laundryr two but have a look. A Laundrette where people never pick up their clean clothes, they just keep on stacking on top of the machines. More street vendors painted metallic than you could count, shades of Key West!

Feb. 15/09 white walls??Some RVer’s use tire covers to save their tires from UV deterioration if they are in a hot place for anyCartoon cut outs! length of time. We have seen all kinds of versions and these took the cake. 1st glance looks like white walls but closer inspection shows vinyl cut in circles including hole for the hub and held on by bungee cords…..

Feb. 9/09 – Driving around Marco Island south of Naples to see the how the rich and famous live we Shutters a la securitywatched an auto Find the front doorleave this house and as the garage doors came down so did the metal window and door roller shutters…. something to see! Can you find the front door??


For sale... really?Jan. 29/09 – Our interest in real estate continues down here. On a look around some properties in Miami yesterdayTeeny..... we ran into what we think is the world’s smallest real estate for sale sign. Maybe these people aren’t that interested in selling, what do you think, ?

Unique for sure....

Jan. 21/09 – So here’s some homework for you. Can you guess why this fellow has the rabbit on the back of his Revolution coach? We had to look it up too. Quite different way of advertising don’t you think?

Jan. 15/09 – It never ceases to amaze us what someone will do for a living or money. This guy paints himself as a bronze soldier and stands perfectly still on the street. Sneaks up behind someone and when they turn around there he is, perfectly still with his hand out. Must be tough trying to get all that paint off at night….

Soldier boySoldier boy gets paid Off to bother someone else.....

Dr. Porter's home in Key WestJan. 7/09 – While touring in Key West we learned about all the famous and Heritage room for rent... not cheap!!infamous characters that resided there. We were truly impressed by the ongoing Heritage restoration. However we point out that even restoration costs money. In this Historic home where a famous local, Dr. Porter was born, lived and died. He was also the first native born M.D. and currently has a room for rent….


Dec. 31/08 – As the last weird thing post for 2008 we found this sign posted outside a mixed elementary/middle school here on the Keys while walking the dogs. Again, not something we find usually in our school walks up north..

Nothing other than books in the lockers.....please!

Dec. 28/08 – Damn the torpedo’s, if I’m going down I’m gonna take somebody with me. Here’s a fellow in Mallory Smokin'JoeSquare in Key West who was beside us on a tour. He’s smoking and reading not a biggie unless you notice the portable oxygen compressor he has on his left hip. We left the area right after this picture……

short-barber-shopDec. 25/08 – You know the saying, short back and sides when you visit the local barber. Well here’s a barber that took it to heart with his shop!

Dec. 19/08 – Okay, give up. Here’s the answer to the thing below that Tracy and I discovered on the beach in Cape Canaveral……. I know we couldn’t believe it either.

Horseshoe crab horseshoe-crab_anatomy1rolling-laugh

Dec. 14/08 – Discovered on the beach shore while biking along. Any ideas what it is?

Size of a shoe... Peek a boo!

Dec. 11/08 – The sign, says it all…what do you think??Soldiers and women

Grandson and Grandpa transportDec. 3/08 – We were out for a walk with the pups and noticed this scooter. Different for sure but the story is much more inspiring. The grandson was injured in Iraq and cannot walk very far without assistance and the grandfather cannot walk due to surgeries so the father made this for the grandson to take grandfather for a ride wherever they RV. Great stories if you just stop to ask…….


Keep your toes out of the water!

Nov. 30/08 So we’re walking around the park in the evening and how come we didn’t see this sign until now? Not exactly a keep off the grass or no dogs in park sign would you think?

Nov. 25 – Below is Tracy sewing the fingers into my “real steal of a deal” Tommy Hilfiger fleece gloves (yep it’s cold) . First time I pulled my hand out, the glove lining came out. Did you guess right?

Pearl one, ...Nov 21/08 – Thought you might be able to determine what Tracy is doing in this picture..? Keep in mind that nothing is what it seems, so I have learnt…

Feet on the streetNov. 12/08 – We just don’t have these services in Canada

The ol'red white and blueNov. 10/08This is more different than weird. Having read about Herr’s chips in Pennsylvania we finally found them while shopping in South Carolina. We believe these are now Cate’s favourite chips and check out what colours they are……

Rain nor shine

Nov. 05/08 – It apparently gets so hot in Wallace, North Carolina that the stop signs bleach in the sun and when it rains, it really rains. The stop sign shows no colour and rain gutters come right off the buildings. No pipes but big rain cement gutters!!

Nov. 2/08 – The answer to the Colonial Williamsburg question below. On the step is a mail box and in the mail box is, alas, junk mail!


Oct 28/08 – Spending some time at Colonial Willamsburg we photographed several homes built in the 1700’s and in this picture found it weird that even history can’t avoid that one thing that irks several of us each day….. click on the photograph and look carefully and we will let you know what it is in a couple of days.

Oct. 21/08 – Well can’t say we’ve seen it all but but this one is close. Entering on I-81 into Virginia tonight we noticed a state trooper had a vehicle pulled over for speeding….. on closer look it was a hearse. Guess someone was dying to get somewhere in a hurry…. ;o)

Oct. 16/08 – While walking out in the evening mist, a big bad wood tick, did pick, on Jack to cause a prick, in an area that was thick, alas he couldn’t reach to lick, but we got it in the nick and got rid of that big bad tick now we’re hoping he doesn’t get sick……….

Oct. 11/08 – At 3 a.m. outside a very rural village called Lorneville, south of St. John, NB we were overnighting in a fuel stop/restaurant/lounge parking lot. I came outside to find two 16 year olds walking around our coach checking the storage doors on the coach. They had ridden up on an ATV and were wearing full camouflage outfits and full face motorcycle helmets. The element of surprise worked in my favour, they left faster then they arrived. A bit weird don’t you think??

Oct. 09/08 – Are you aware that Plaster Rock, NB has the world’s largest Fiddlehead’s? Without going to Google do you even know what a Fiddlehead is? Okay, enough of the suspense now you can go to google and look them up!

Oct. 6/08 – The answer to what we posted on Sept. 29th is the water tower in Decatur, Indiana which was being refinished/sandblasted and had one heck of a big tarp covering it.

Oct. 2/08– What would be the Parliament of Canada without something a bit different. How about the Cat man of the Hill?? Click on the first picture to read the full story. We waited and watched as these feral cats and one lonely raccoon vied for position at the dishes. The cats chased off Rocky in the end!!

Oct. 1/08 –Here is the answer to the camouflage tower thing from Sept. 21 that we found in the sales lot of the Menard’s store in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Did you guess what it was? Just click on pictures to get a larger, viewable one.


Sept. 29/08 – So here is a picture of something we saw that we thought might stump you……….. got any ideas?

Sept. 23/08 – Here’s one for you. Did you know the difference between American roadside rural mail boxes and Canadian ones. You know the type that sit at the end of the driveways in farms and so on?? Canadian mailboxes open from the bottom and U.S. mailboxes open from the top and …now you know.

Sept. 21/08 – So for everyone who was trying to guess what was on the back of the flatbed truck from Sept. 15th, here you go, it appears that they carry their cement drums backwards on their trucks…

Here’s another one for you, we had to read the information posted where we found this to figure this one out

Sept. 18/08 – We passed a burley Harley rider showing his Motorcycle club colours sitting in the gas station at Wal-Mart playing scratch card lottery tickets. Looking for luck in all the wrong places.

An Amish family at the Kroeger grocery store were finishing loading up their groceries into their 6 person horse and carriage and we watched the driver back the horse and buggy out of the parking space between two cars.

Sept. 15/08 – How about going to look for a doctor and no doubt at this clinic what the doctor’s status is..

Can you guess what these are for, parked beside us at Fort Wayne, Ind. overnight at the truck stop/our camp ground for the night…….we will let you know soon!

Sept. 12/08– We haven’t posted that much here as we realized being on the road things that should be weird are starting to appear normal….? Listening to a satellite radio CNN a reporter was talking to her mother in Houston Tx about hurricane Ike and suggested she bring in her patio furniture since she decided to stay through the storm.

As fuel prices, that we are all gouged by, started to climb at news of the pending storm we were watching dueling stations in Fargo, ND post one price then the station across the street reduce theirs, then the third station reduce theirs even further. Then …. this lasted for 10 minutes while we loaded up our goods from the 150,000 sq ft Wal-Mart we spent half our day in just looking for stuff, 7-11 would have been much faster.

Sept. 7/08– Lethbridge, Alta. – Second look at the water tower in Lethbridge. Driving by we noted windows instead of metal. It is now a 80′ off the ground restaurant!

Sept. 4/08– Red Deer, Alberta – Mckoi the Koi weighs in at about 5 lbs and smiles when you come to feed him. Coyotes decide to circle the coach at night trying to entice Jack and Cate to come out and play at 2 am.

Sept. 1/08 – BanffNational Park – Ewen’s playing hide and seek withCate while on a walk, rounding a big tree and the left knee gives out and voila–rolling around in deer scat . I am presently very popular with both dogs, the smell is quite sublime!


August 31/08– near Revelstoke, B.C. – Hwy. #1 – Tracy is driving along doing the speed limit but the impatient ones are tailgating waiting for that one chance to cross a double line. Sure enough the chance comes, 1 car, 2 cars, 3 cars up to 6 pass. And look! 1 car, 2 cars, 3 cars up to 6 cars are stopped by the Highway Patrol and are paying $195 each to the government for their impatience. Sometimes the tortoise does win the race………….!

August 27/08– Emderby, B.C. – Fellow with sunglasses and white cane reading a poster on a pole at the 7-11.


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  1. Just got back to your site again. I love the “weird stuff” – Next time, I”ll be looking from B.C.

    travel safe
    love us

  2. Considering the number of run-ins our neighbourhood cats have had with racoons, I was quite surprised to see one of each sharing a civil dinner together.

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