What do you think…..we’re thinking that this is a good one!

Still looking for a unit to move down into after our last rig.  We went camping in Banff this past week and traveled like the Clampett’s but realized how much we miss the road and campfires and the scenery and well everything else.  Except for the constant rain we still enjoyed the time away….



Thanks for the following…..

Hi everyone,

We are still getting emails and comments on the trip.  Just to update you that we have been taking trips by car and Motorcycle.  Thought we had our fill but no…… we are even looking at another coach…heaven forbid.

In the meantime Jack and Cate say hi!

Horse discourse..

We made it through the weekend of horses and riders.  We decided to visit the neighbouring campground of 150+ acres to see what it looks like when it becomes a paddock with the riders from the American Heart Association ride.  Quite a mix of horses, owner’s and campers.  Even temporary stables had been erected by the cowboys/cowgirls.  Some traveling from as far away as Ontario and Quebec.

Cate gets some herding ideasWhich way does the wind blow?Campground cowpokescampground paddockBeach ridersKeepin' an eye on the beach

We took some pictures to give you an idea and we also ran into a horse that spent some time talking to whomever would listen and the video is below…………

Lemon Lyme

So we were talking about ticks and disease, especially with Jack and Ewen having discovered ticks on their skin. Sure that these were no real concern we were snapped back to reality in the realization that a mere 25 miles west of our campground is Lyme, Conneticut. Yep, the home and original discovery of lyme disease. A disease spread through deer ticks to other animals and humans……..

What brought about this discovery was while watching TV a couple of unfamiliar shaped bugs wandered through the Daily Show and up John Stewart’s nose.  Stink bugs, yellow biting deer flies and leaf dwellers, we wondered where they come from……… oh right, we are in the woods. Time to learn more about local entomology, especially the ones that really look intimidating like this leaf insect and this stink bug.