And in the end…..

For our last post we’d let you know we plan to pick up our coach within the next month in Chilliwack.   From there our life’s plans are in the making.  Will we get a job? ….. or will we take on a business and create something out of nothing?…,  sort of like most projects we take on;  or will we take a breath and get Cate into fly-ball classes with Jack as her supporter?….. believe us,  we will keep on moving ahead until we are unable to do so.

We wish all of you safe times and hope one day soon you too can find the time to do something like this in your lifetimes.  We pass on this little saying which is our way to say to all of you …. keep on!

“You know, I’m sick of following my dreams….. I’m just going to ask where they’re going and hook up with ’em later….  :o)”

Us, our pups, our coach and our bike sliding sideways into....

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Experience is what you get when you don’t get what you want….


In memory…

To all of you who have sent us well wishes, followed our trip through this blog and continue to read and re-read it, this is our second to last post. Happy to be home but missing the road, we want to remember our two pups Murray and Taylor that didn’t make the trip. In this post we pass on a short reminder that fits not only the loss of these two girls but is a motivator for us to keep moving ahead. It comes from one of our favourite pilots, musicìans and writers….


Grief is like the wake behind a boat.

Big enough to swamp and drown you –

if you suddenly stop moving forward.

But if you do keep moving –

the big wake will eventually get calm again.

That is when the memories of those who have left,

begin to shine,

As bright and as enduring as the stars above.”

– Jimmy Buffet from ‘A Salty Piece of Land”

Come on down where I can sniff you....!!

And they call the wind……

To update everyone, the coach is now in repair mode.  Parts have been ordered, insurance has been sorted out and now, unlike having a car dent or two, these big rigs require a different sort of expertise.  Fiberglass, glaziers specializing in windshields that weigh upwards of 500 lbs and take 3 people to install.  Painters who can replicate the 6 multi tone colours in the gel coat paint……….

But the good news is we should have our coach within the month or less!!  Yahoo!!

 Part of the tree on the road....Ah, this spot looks good...Now trying to get acclimated to these new surroundings and living in a condo is getting tough for Jack and I.    No running right outside to hit the grass (we live on the third floor) for trees for our regular blessings, only so many rooms we can run around in or hide our stuff in and as if that isn’t tough enough a big, noisy wind hit the beach last night on the lake and knocked down a big sign and tree right by our place….how’s a girl to get any sleep with all that noise.

Trepanier Creek 10 ft sign

Ah Cate but with every negative you have to look at the positive…. I didn’t have to go far to find a new place to bless and it reduced the traffic for a few hours so I got back to sleep, no problem……Sleepy time once again...

So what’s next….huh?

Bye for now....!

So let’s see….

  • get trailer in Kelowna and return to Chilliwack to collision center… check
  • ride motorcycle over to Victoria on Vancouver Island and deliver it to dealer for sale… sad day…. check
  • visit family, pick-up mail, enjoy ferry rides…. checkLoad it up!!
  • spend 7  hours unloading and unpacking  coach ready for trip to Peachland… our new home… check
  • take a few pictures of the poor coach… check
  • try and load all this stuff into a 5 x 8 trailer… check Owwee!
  • drive 3 1/2 hours same night to Peachland and unload stuff into condo…. Unloading... once againcheck
  • try and get around all the boxes, sort of like moving back in again…. checkgetting tight for space

Don’t forget walking and stops along the way for us to do our dog duty….. check

And then there is the……… to be continued!!!

Now about us….

Thanks for all the concern you have sent to our people and to us of course!  I think I can speak for Jack and myself when we tell you this stuff was scary.  My fur is still standing on end in places….. but we are safe and well cared for.

Yeah Cate and we’re even still able to fool them with our cute moves to get treats playing up on the “poor pups routine” is paying off in spades, especially in turkey leftovers tonight!! Thanks Aunt Trudy!!”

Still beggin' after all these months........

What happens in Vegas…. does anyone care?!?

Ethels place..So here we are, posing in front of Ethel M’s chocolate lounge, can you believe it, chocolateEthels history lounge! M & M’s founder and his wife Ethel started this line of chocolate and look it up, they are high priced M & M’s chocolate, veiled in another name. Thank goodness dog food filled with white or yellow corn isn’t made the same way….. right??

We took a day to check out the area and even went for a walk/fly. A mere 50 mph wind pushed that showboat Cate back almost to where she came from…… Dust in the wind!!...whoa

Ya Jack, who pees into the wind???….hummm blondie ?

Well we are meeting several pups in this park and a few at the Las Vegas Strip sign who are stored in luggage and purses?? What’s with that, you mean I’ve been walking all this time when someone could be carrying me!!?”

Not in this lifetime Cate, not in this lifetime…..

Orange blossoms and red rocks…

`Sedon sunset 8 years ago we sat and watched the sunset on the red rocks of SedonaSedona movie museum, in the same place even the same time of year.  Driving  our rental truck 110 miles north of Phoenix to Sedona we took in this beautiful village with amazing scenery and vistas once again.  43 Western movies, documentaries and commercials have been made in these hills.

Best seats in townWe loved this place as the first time to get in some great sniffs and inspect some prickly plants…

C’mon Jack, are you kidding?!? I was freezing, did you know it is 18 degress colder here than in Phoenix, where I prefer the warm weather and the smell of the Orange Blossom trees  on our site…Desert Edge RV park in Phoenix with the orange trees