About the trip…

We have been preparing for our dream for about a year.  Cate and Jack are our co-pilots so to speak.  Some of the posts will be from their perspective.  14″ off the ground or lap level.   So we hope you enjoy the posts.  Our coach came about after we sold our house in the sunny Okanagan of B.C.,  Canada and it is our plan to travel completely around North America full-time until spring 2009.

Everyone should take time .....once in a lifetime!

Everyone should take time, once in a lifetime!

Of course if you are really wondering why we would do this type of adventure at this time in our lives, then we would like to share the advice of the late Dr. Randy Pausch. Life is too short to debate who is right and who is wrong, or for that matter who has more toys. We don’t have any terminal illnesses but we do invite you to watch this short, life enriching video by Dr. Pausch and welcome you to our journey……





5 Responses

  1. Ewen & Tracy, we hope you have a wonderful, and above all, SAFE journey. Just remember Ewen, the bus does NOT have red & blue flashing lights.


  2. Ewen and Tracy – thank you for putting us on to this, it is great. (all new to me and I love being able to travel with you) Sorry to see you are not passing thru this area (Ottawa) though. Safe trip you two (& puppies) we will be watching. Pick up local recipes for when you get back. Love from us

  3. We are really looking forward to seeing you soon!!!!

    Love Ma & Pa

  4. Hi tracey, ewin & puppies: Fun having you for a visit in plaster rock n.b. Enjoy your adventure. Be safe and well. Trixie & Don

  5. Wow you guys,

    Seems like we only met yesterday not in November on the beach at Myrtle. You have done what you said and must be a bit sad to be returning back west.
    We are heading back to the Keys and you are always welcome c’mon down anytime.

    The pups too, keep up the humor Ewen! We miss it.

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