And they call the wind……

To update everyone, the coach is now in repair mode.  Parts have been ordered, insurance has been sorted out and now, unlike having a car dent or two, these big rigs require a different sort of expertise.  Fiberglass, glaziers specializing in windshields that weigh upwards of 500 lbs and take 3 people to install.  Painters who can replicate the 6 multi tone colours in the gel coat paint……….

But the good news is we should have our coach within the month or less!!  Yahoo!!

 Part of the tree on the road....Ah, this spot looks good...Now trying to get acclimated to these new surroundings and living in a condo is getting tough for Jack and I.    No running right outside to hit the grass (we live on the third floor) for trees for our regular blessings, only so many rooms we can run around in or hide our stuff in and as if that isn’t tough enough a big, noisy wind hit the beach last night on the lake and knocked down a big sign and tree right by our place….how’s a girl to get any sleep with all that noise.

Trepanier Creek 10 ft sign

Ah Cate but with every negative you have to look at the positive…. I didn’t have to go far to find a new place to bless and it reduced the traffic for a few hours so I got back to sleep, no problem……Sleepy time once again...


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