So what’s next….huh?

Bye for now....!

So let’s see….

  • get trailer in Kelowna and return to Chilliwack to collision center… check
  • ride motorcycle over to Victoria on Vancouver Island and deliver it to dealer for sale… sad day…. check
  • visit family, pick-up mail, enjoy ferry rides…. checkLoad it up!!
  • spend 7  hours unloading and unpacking  coach ready for trip to Peachland… our new home… check
  • take a few pictures of the poor coach… check
  • try and load all this stuff into a 5 x 8 trailer… check Owwee!
  • drive 3 1/2 hours same night to Peachland and unload stuff into condo…. Unloading... once againcheck
  • try and get around all the boxes, sort of like moving back in again…. checkgetting tight for space

Don’t forget walking and stops along the way for us to do our dog duty….. check

And then there is the……… to be continued!!!


2 Responses

  1. Tracy and Ewen, what can we say?!? We are amazed at your tenacity and the fact that you completed your journey… albeit on a bit of a sad note, tells us what we expected.

    You both are still as focused and yet find something positive in an unlucky turn of events. Give Cate and Jack and rub and denta-stick from us and Jackson…. you know San Antonio really isn’t that far away.

  2. Welcome Home all of you! What an amazing trip it’s been, from my side of the screen, and I thank you for sharing it as you so generously have.

    I’m looking forward to hearing highlights in person once you’re settled and it’s bbq weather at last.

    Enjoy being home, and safe, and together.

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