Thought we’d left this all behind…

The idea of heading to Kelowna that evening seemed a good idea at the time.  Unfortunately the car we drove was meant for Lower Mainland driving…  Winter was supposed to over through the Coquihalla Highway and connector highway to Kelowna , but the heavy snows seemed never -ending and was tricky to treacherous at best. 

We made it with some butt puckering and watching a few vehicles head off into the snow drifts… Luckily, Kirk and Charge!!Al met us at the condo and helped to get us unloaded for the evening, thank-you again guys!  Then still later, we were off to the storage facility in Peachland where our Ford Escape and trailer have spent the last 8 months.  Jumper cables in hand we got the reliable Escape going and home for the's snow trouble really...

Still snow and ice and slushIn the morning we packed up and headed back down the highway in both vehicles and trailer to Chilliwack and the collision shop to drop off their car and our trailer for the weekend.  I put on some rain gear and got the motorcycle off the back of the coach which is already undergoing work.  We headed down the highway to the BC Ferries, Tracy in the car and me riding in the very heavy downpour.

2 hours in the rain, while stopping for a serious roll over accident on the freeway while it was dealt with we arrived at the ferry terminal in time for the 9 p.m. ferry to Victoria.  $36 for the motorcycle.  I am sure getting old, when I started taking the ferries, oh a few years ago on motorcycles, it was $8!

A change into dry clothes on the ferry and another 1/2 hour rain soaked ride on the other side and we arrived at Trudy’s place in Victoria for a visit and to deal with the motorcycle.  Now comes the trip to Nanaimo to pick up months of forwarded mail at Delphines place and back to Vancouver to  load up the trailer and see how our poor coach is doing………..


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