…. to add salt to the wound

You see we had planned to head over to Vancouver Island for a week or so and drop off the motorcycle for sale at brother Dale’s shop and visit more family before returning home. Not to be in that plans present form so thanks to the GPS we found a Wal Mart in the heart of Surrey, slinked into a corner and got some sleep, it was now 4 a.m.

Our island trip with the coach was not to be, ICBC got us in to a local adjuster center by noon, less than a day after the mishap. Sorry we can’t recommend a repair shop but your vehicle can be repaired but can’t leave the Lower Mainland due to it’s undriveable condition. Spent 1/2 an hour at their center looking for a shop. A shop with a reputation for big rig repairs in a timely fashion!

Call, search some more, call, search some more and presto!! A mere 50 miles away in Chilliwack, O’Connor RV and Collision has a new shop just opened, state of the art specializing in Fleetwood. Off we toddle but now how do we get our stuff, the motorcycle and the pups home?? And how long is this gonna take to fix???

PT Cruiser just can't fit everything inBudget doesn’t have any vehicles available till tomorrow to haul everything…..yada yada with all the other companies. O’Connor’s steps up and we can take one of their cars if we promise to be backTucked in for the night...! the next day with our car and trailer to remove what we need and get the motorcycle to the island somehow! So the road to H#ll is paved with good intentions…. we head off into the mountains and off to Kelowna…………

Hello Kirk, can you meet us at the condo, we don’t have a key…. yes that’s right we are a bit early. No, no we won’t be staying long. Oh that, it’s still in Vancouver….”

the time is now 9:30 p.m. and still not home…. see video tomorrow!


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