Ease on down the road..

It’s now 6 p.m. and the insurance adjuster and glass company have informed us that if the windshield is installed without the body work no guarantee and no replacement in Canada. 3 week minimum stay in Portland to get in to a collision shop and then parts lag time.

Tracy and I look at each other with red eyes and decide that we must return to the home turf to get this taken care of.Please hold together DUCT tape, having the knowledge of how well the windshield is installed and not being in a hurry we set off. It is now 8 p.m. and into Washington state. You’d think we were a circus act the looks and stares and notes of concern from other truckers and RV’ers which made the disappointment seem not so bad.

Stop for fuel outside of Seattle and lots of onlookers there. Lots with stories to relate but we are still hoping the duct tape holds and the rain doesn’t get any worse as the wipers are able to clear both sides, believe it or not. Arriving at customs around 1:30 am, what a story we had to tell. The agent was professional, polite but did crack a smile with the understanding that we were trying to return where we could get all this damage dealt with at once. OUR WHOLE life is presently in the coach and we didn’t have another 3-8 weeks to spend hoping things got done if we waited in Oregon.

DID you know that if you have body or glass work done in the U.S. upon your return you are responsible for the GST on all work and labour…… learned from our friendly border guard.

Now where to spend the night until we can contact ICBC once again as the coach has now been deemed non-drivable.


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