It was such a normal day…

pulling in to the alley to park. Stopped in the spot and WHAM , 2 minutes later, transport trailer meets motor coach. Motor coach loses big time! Over 23000kms (14,200 miles) without a scratch, so to speak. Over 7 months on the road and a 4 mph collision between a loading trailer and our parked coach in south Portland. Glass covered the entire front interior as if it had exploded. Cate is still shaking and Jack has just come back out from behind the rear slide.

Well the pictures tell the story… we were devastated. We know it was an accident but so close to the end of the trip has made it a bit more disappointing.

Couldn't have hit any squarer in the middle of the  windshieldHood and front damaged as well, hood fell offfront cap is damaged

So call the police, get the file number, get their insurance and try to get at least a new windshield to drive home with. Over to the local Good Sam park and camp for the night. Frame around the windshield is damaged and will not hold a seal with a new windshield.

Body work is required there as well….. the saga had only begun believe us!


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