Holy S**t

So off we go down the highway with Tracy at the controls. Beautiful day, sunny with wind gusts of around 30-40 mph. Not a big deal we thought as we have seen winds of 60-70 mph on our trip. Traveling highway 15 through the Mojave desert.

Well we’ve seen these on TV and in movies but never, never been in one and don’t want to experience it really, ever again. The coach was rocking and within 30 seconds we went from 70 mph to 0 mph. Afraid we were going to get hit we tried moving on but HAD to stop dead in our tracks….click on the link for the video.

Mojave sandstorm

When the sand cleared the two vehicles in front of us were moving away from each other but were almost touching prior to this picture and we couldn’t see out of our rearview camera or mirrors which were coated in sand. Later on we wereClose call told the winds got upwards of 80 mph blowing the sand directly across the highway.. We couldn’t have been in the wrong place at the right time even if we tried!


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