Buffet grazing, extreme speed touring and supporting the economy

Caesar never looked so good!To review……… The Belagio, the Flamingo, Caesar’s, Excalibur, the Lexor, the Rio, The Hotel, Encore, Circus Circus, Mandalay Bay, Silverton LodgeWe miss you Elton and M resort. We figure we lost an even amount of $$ at each while we continue on this trip to stimulate the U.S. economy. No floor shows as none really caught our eye except that Elton John is returning for a short tour with his Red Piano, but alas yet again we miss him…

With the ability to come and go without restrictions on types of tours or hotels and casino’s we chose a couple of nights and a couple of day trips to the casino menagerie. From the top of Caesar’s we had a birds eye view of the strip…caesars-roof-top-vegasVegas Margaritaville aerial viewOf course our favourite restaurant on any strip is Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville. Spent a few hours This guy is tall!!wasting away and remembering all the really good times we have spent enjoying these idiosyncratic eating places….. each with it’s own brand of talent and crowds. We did get to 5 out of 8 North American Margaritavilles… not a bad average and we did remember all of them though not for a lack of margaritas!

After our non-professional reviews which included drinking, eating and waggering the winner is M Resort. ALeaving the M new casino resort on south Las Vegas Blvd which opened this past March 1st. Built and owned by the son of the owner of The winner is  M!the Rio Casino and Hotel. If you get a chance when you come to Vegas, the place is fresh, the slots are loose (we all like loose slots!) and unlimited wines/beers with the 200 item haute cusine buffet….. after a week it is now time to move on from our stay here in the windy but warm Las Vegas. California here we come!


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