Eeny, meeny, minee….Bass Pro

While cruising the Las Vegas strip on the motorcycle we or should I say Tracy got to look around really well at the sights and sounds. Picking her favourite casino’s we then headed to Circus Circus for their buffet and then back to the site to make plans for the rest of the stay. Oh yes, a couple of bucks or so into the slots there. Muscle beach here!!

The standard photo by the Vegas sign, avec some guy who didn’t know at the time which side is up….

A quick stop at the second largest Bass Pro Shop in the U.S. (160,000 sq ft) just to get a feel for Larry the Cable Guy’s lifestyle. In store fishing tank full of bass and other native species. A waterfall that comes down by the escalators two stories to the store main floor. Could put our brother-in-law Frank in there today and he’d still be there in the summer dreaming of this coming Christmas.

Fish tankClass BassFishing anyone??The place for rods

Even some of the people who shop there drive up in their camouflage trucks. If it wasn’t for the parking lines which are stamped fish outlines, we would have never seen this one….. :o) Camo truck

We then filled our list with the next couple of days of to do’s and see….


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