What happens in Vegas…. does anyone care?!?

Ethels place..So here we are, posing in front of Ethel M’s chocolate lounge, can you believe it, chocolateEthels history lounge! M & M’s founder and his wife Ethel started this line of chocolate and look it up, they are high priced M & M’s chocolate, veiled in another name. Thank goodness dog food filled with white or yellow corn isn’t made the same way….. right??

We took a day to check out the area and even went for a walk/fly. A mere 50 mph wind pushed that showboat Cate back almost to where she came from…… Dust in the wind!!...whoa

Ya Jack, who pees into the wind???….hummm blondie ?

Well we are meeting several pups in this park and a few at the Las Vegas Strip sign who are stored in luggage and purses?? What’s with that, you mean I’ve been walking all this time when someone could be carrying me!!?”

Not in this lifetime Cate, not in this lifetime…..


2 Responses

  1. Hey there –

    Too bad I didn’t check your blog earlier. Do you know who else was in Vegas this week? Wende & Kim are there. They have been there since Sunday and leaving today.

    Take care,

    • Hey Diane,
      That sucks!! It seems our timing is a bit astray but hey hopefully we’ll see them in Winfield again…. give’m a nudge for us! Hey to Erich and the kidlets!!

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