Super sonic

Pulling up to the Sonic drive-in we had mentioned, we parked in their back lot and walked up to the front to place an order. At theI'll have onion rings instead of fries!! door Sue-Ann came roller-blading up and immediately put a stop to our entry. “You can’t walk in you have to place an order from your vehicle” Sue-Ann forcefully announced. Pointing to our coach she said again. “Don’t care it has to be from your vehicle!”

Okay, we replied and gladly followed her directions blocking 10 stalls at the front of the drive-in, walked out, hit the button on the sign board, got back in. We mused that it must have been the fastest service anyone will ever get…………at that drive-in today. Good food though………..


One Response

  1. That’s just too funny – I’m laughing! Did she chew bubble gum too?

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