Vegas via Chiro…..

Route 66 Kingman Az

So after visiting the town chiropractor in the evening and early next morning we were off to Las Vegas, you know, after things were straightened out so to speak. Traveling the famed hwy., Route 66. We did have a quick lunch at the local roller derby serving Sonic drive-in but that’s another post.

I think it is that directionSome 3 hours later we arrived in Vegas on a bright sunny day, straining our eyes to see the city through the smog. It was about 2 km from the north end of the strip before we could make out the actual buildings clear enough to know what they were. We arrived at the Oasis RV resort which is about 4 miles north of the strip. We plan to be here for a week to take our time to take in as much of the sights and sounds that we can.

Having stayed at the KOA at Circus Circus on the strip last trip and comparatively speaking, this park is an oasis. Dog runs abound and we picked, in Vegas terms, an upgraded site with a picnic table and 8’x 10′ grass patch for Jack and Cate to run out quickly when nature calls. Now, what to see what to see?!?


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