The chilly night…. snow’d right.

After the beautiful weather over the past few days we did have that chilly night we spoke of (28 F) and found snow in the Tackle!!mean time. Water lines in at night and playtime for the pups who hadn’t seen snow since September in Banff. We know we missed a record cold up in Kelowna, record since 1991. Some called it lucky on our side but we called it pre-planning or being on the right side of the weather.

The overnight campsite at the KOA was a bit uneven, so much so that it put our rear levelling Nice rig don't you think?!?jacks at their extreme lifting the coach off the rear wheels. Normal for some rigs but never happened before on ours. Didn’t want to chance another site as we didn’t get in until dark and were afraid the next site might be worse and we’d lose a dog when we stepped out into the night…. 😮

Next morning we headed out for Kingman AZ and a spa day for the coach. Deciding that 5 hours to wash and detail the outside was not for us this week we stopped in at a Truck/RV brush-less wash and they were done including the hand drying within 35 minutes. Then off to the Flying J for a fill up, @ $1.95 gal/U.S. and some adjustments…………


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