Ouch, ouch, these pesky stickers..

In our travels through Texas, New Mexico and here in Arizona the cholla cactus distributes what the locals call “stickers” which look like small, pea sized landmine burrs which find their way into the paws of Jack and Cate.  They Excuse me, I can't go any further...have gotten so bad at times that if Jack now gets one,  he will stop the walk and stay there, (5 minutes is his record) and refuse to move.  The walk ends and the carrying to the pavement/vehicle begins.  These things are quite painful.  Cate has used her mouth on a few occasions to remove them in her impatience to keep on moving…. but she is doing this less and less as they stick to her lips….. ouch!


One Response

  1. One punctuated word: http://dogshoes.net/

    Give Cate a scratch for me – brave girl. Her sibs have similar troubles with pea-sized burrs that get everywhere. Sometimes we have to get them out with scissors.

    Tell her it’s still better to be stuck by stickers in Texas than fraught with frostbite in the Far North.

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