Take me out to the ballgame…

Padres vs Cleveland in Peoria

The boys of spring are at it in big numbers.  Over 1500 players  trying out for what they call the Cactus League Ewen's point of viewCan you find Tracy??here in Arizona (Grapefruit League in Florida).  14 MLB teams here for spring training until the beginning of the baseball season in April.  We were able to get seats on the first base line for the Cleveland Indians (8) vs. San Diego Padres (6).  6 foul balls came our way but the people all around had their gloves at the ready and the poor fellow next to us got one in the jaw,  bruised ego more than anything.

Now the great part of this spring baseball is the tickets, only $16 U.S. each but after we finished snacking and having a few “waddly pops” the snacks cost $48 U.S., including $4 for a bottle of diet pepsi and $4.50 for a bottle of water……   you gotta love professional sports.   It was a great day to spend in the sun with a fun group of fans!


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