and to summarize…

Get-a-long little doggieTombstone included cowboys and cowgirls.  Shoot out at the OK Corral



Getting to watch the re-enactment of the shootout at the OK Corral…

 Taking part in a few light refreshments at the Crystal Palace Saloon………

Quite the eclectic crowd  Bottoms up Tracy!

A guided trolley tour through town took us smack into the US Army traveling through town..

Tombstone trolley tour  Here is the army.. but what it is ??

Of course Boothill graveyard … Here lies... Boothill entrance  Boothill crosses

We had a fun time reliving the old west and relating all the stories you hear as kids to the Wild West and the characters that made up these tales. Driving off into the sunset….

  The sunset  We endured a vehicle search by Homeland Security and US Border Patrol agents at a check point just out of Tombstone.  Apparently being so close to the Mexican border has its drawbacks with such a big rig and lots of place to hide “Aliens”, you remember our Roswell posts and Aliens?!? (ps – they don’t like cameras or pictures while they are working – note to self)F-24 Raptor in Tucson

Stopping once again to do a bit of shopping at Camping World in Tucson where we were entertained by the amazing flying/piloting of an USAF F-24 Raptor which spent upwards of an hour in the air around us in stunts we’d never seen before at any airshow.   Next door to Camping World was the country’s second biggest RV dealer Beaudry RV so a quick visit there as well and then a bit more road behind us and a stop at a roadside rest area for the night…Phoenix rest stop

We have now arrived at the Desert’s Edge RV park in north Phoenix where our plans are to rent a car, see at least one Cactus League Baseball game, have a meal at another of Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville Cafes and hopefully get a drive in north to Sedona to see the red rock mountains in the sunset once again!!

Sorry for the large update but it seemed like a good idea at the time..  Thank you for your ongoing support, emails and phone calls, we really enjoy and appreciate them.





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