Desert wandering

LyndWhite Sands missle and propulsion labson B. Johnson/White Sands NASA propulsion and missile range which was home of the testing of the first A-bomb, Virgin Galactic Private Space Port and Aw nuts....Almorgordo’s worlds largest pistachio.  From Roswell to Las Cruces we visited or drove by these sites.  Speed touring we call it.  As we enjoyed the sunshine here in Las Cruces which is unseasonably great right now, we also toured the village of Old Messilla where Billy the Kid was captured,tried and eventually hung.

Unfortunately if you have been following the news at all we are a mere 50 miles from the Mexican border and Jua’rez where there has been a lot of violent crime occuring which has been spreading into Texas and New Mexico particularly in the past month.

With the weather on our side today we are heading west to Tombstone, Arizona for a real touristy stay at their RV park and to watch the daily staged gun battles and munch on pistachio’s courtesy of Almorgordo of course!


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