We believe..

ufo theatre/museumTo say it is a confluence of tourist schlock meets inter-spacial reality here at Roswell, NM is putting it mildly.   We arrived looking for lots of solid information on Area 51(which is really a far off farmer’s field), Hangar 84Hangar 84 and the Air-force base where the aliens and spaceship were taken (which had been shutdown for years) and a museum/historical archives for education (retrofitted movie theatre turned museum).  Today, the old army base which houses Hanger 84 where the pieces of the alien spacecraft and aliens were taken is considered part of Roswell Industrial Air Center, a private air landing field and training ground for the International Law Enforcement Academy. While the general public can drive the fences and take pictures of the outside, the area inside the fences is still restricted.  Going inside the fences without permission will apparently IMMEDIATELY LAND YOU IN JAIL, so we don’t recommend you try!Roswell reenactment of alien autopsy

Although not a point of interest we would recommend as a drive off the beaten path, it was Roswell crash siteinformative and obvious some very dedicated volunteers are keeping the legend alive.  After we visited the museum,  roads and airbase where the craft was supposed to have gone in 1947,  Tracy and I looked at each other and said…we believe and we believe we’ll move on!

Just a side note, the difference between the daytime and nighttime temperatures the two nights we were here was 30 F(-1C) to 86 F (30C)  in the day!


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