Hair and fur fly!!

I'll just leave now...Well we really got it today.  90 degrees out and our people decide it’s perfect for a, yes dare I say it, bath and cut.  Now I kinda like the smells I have accumulated Little to the left..over the past few months, you know like pup perfume.  Out comes that pink tub that Leesa was actually bathed in some 24 years ago…… can’t they afford something with bejewels on it??? 

Okay Cate enough of the drama, you didn’t get a shampoo and then a trim like me…. but even our ma got her hair cut today so it wasn’t all bad!!

let er blow!Yeah but I got the blow dry first!!  and just so everyone knows, there aren’t any pics of Jack and his trim as it was all paws on deck just to distract him as he is pretty sensitive around his deriere and southern parts when it comes to a haircut  ….slapping-smiler


Just to let everyone know we are now on our way to Carlsbad, NM to see the caverns and then onto Area 51 near Roswell, NM …..


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