What was that in the shadows??…

Got the ball, check! got the new stick, check! got the pick up bags, check! ….let’s go.  Cate and I were bouncy tonight as we wanted to hit the big field to run off leash one more time before we leave.  Cate ahead on her long lead with a ball in her mouth and me taking in the humid late night air…

Fuss, fuss, c’mon open the gate and lets run!!….and then we saw it coming out of the night shadows and running, towards us, all of us saw it!  I dropped my ball and gave it my best running shot but it was big, no collar,  skinny with its fur standing up and had more teeth then even I do.  It was brown and circling and circling and circling getting closer.  My people picked us both up and tried to close the gate to the field.  The thing we know now as a Pit Bull jumped the 5′ fence and came around circling again… gee he was skinny and smiled a lot.

Yeah Cate, by now we had been cornered on the bleachers and the sprinklers came on… time to take advantage of it’s dislike for pepper spray and water sprinklers and head home.  My person taking that Alpha Dog stance as he circled and smiled some more….  We made it back with a lot of walking backwards and sideways in the dark streets to our coach….  so much for sénor pit bull ruining our fun… but we still have all our parts.   Guess we’ve been lucky till now,  no pictures just our smiles that it was an “uneventful walk”……….



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