It has only taken us 6 months to finally have enough of Bell and our cell plans to buy a “throw away” cell phone.  For razr$75 we purchased a new Motorola Razr flip phone with 500 minutes.  No contract, works out to about 6 cents a minute where Bell was starting to cost us anywhere between $1.39 and $1.80 per minute with roaming charges.   Bell sold us their top of the line plan, $40 for 100 minutes U.S. air time per month and .39 per minute after the  100 minutes plus roaming charges which alternate between carriers.  So all of you who think we don’t love you and haven’t called it’s not true.

We got cellaphobia and stopped callling so much once we got a few of the $200 plus cell bills.  So now, let the calling begin!!

Jack says, “Have you noticed that fuel has fallen again here, yep  today $1.58 US/gal gas and $1.99 US/gal for diesel.  More chewies comin’ our way, woohoo!!!”….. My people said it cost $5.30 to fill the motorcycle……


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