Friday night lights..

Bucaneer Stadium Corpus ChristiAn American tradition on Friday night is football, usually High School.  Next to our RV park here iStadium 2s the largest football stadium in SE Texas for High Schools.  Seats 18,000 and apparently there are another 92 in the SE of Texas for Collegiate and High School football.

Now this might not be of much interest to some (Kirk and company excluded)  but Jack and Cate are in awe of their new playground!  It’s been since the Florida Keys that these two have had the freedom to run without leash and chase each other to their panting content.   Although we are not in the “nicest” area of Corpus Christi the park is clean and well managed.  Quite the eclectic group though, including the fellow that was playing with the two children next door, who are about 3 and 4 yrs old.   He made it clear that these were not his kids,  he was only watching them.  Their mom, who just got out of federal prison in Bryan, Texas two weeks ago,  sleeps a lot and the kids wander around too much otherwise……

Hatch RV park siteHatch RV entranceWatching the football across the street


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