It’s so dry, the trees are bribing the dogs…

Well  after 2000 kms and a week we are sitting in our home spot at Hatch RV park in Corpus Christi, Texas.  The last 650 kms of this leg took a toll on the coach or at least the bike.  The rough roads in Louisana cost us 2 of the 6 ratchet tie downs that hold  the motorcycle on the back, 4 bungee cords that held the motorcycle cover.  The drive train cover of the bike suffered damage from what we expect was the departing ratchets. 

The motorcycle cover is not long for this world either so off to an Auto parts store to stock up again.  We stayed overnight last night in a state rest stop west of Houston and arrived tonight.   Cate met her first cactus on a late night walk last night and despite her attempts to threaten it with barks and snarls the cactus wouldn’t move.  Jack went up and blessed it so Cate then felt it was safe to get closer.  She still can be quite entertaining.  Weather is in the 70’s with a fair wind but plans are to be here a week and then??



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