Airboats n’ pelicans

One of our trips to the Everglades included a trip in the glades in an air-boat. Pelicans joined us, making friends hoping for a handout. If you listen carefully to the captain of the boat he is worried we can’t have fun if the boss is around and he gives a lesson on why these pelicans have yellow and brown heads.


One Response

  1. Glad to see your still basking in the smog mmm i wonder is that heat just a result of stale air being trapped , think i’ll stick to the cooler cleaner air of B.C. which by the way is basking in sunshine as well.. Oh yeah and i can ride my bike without a red sticker being left on my window ha.Seriously glad all is well talk at you later.By the way the bird on your boat ride is not a true Pelican but just a regular ole seagull that’s been Americanized into eating supersize scraps.hahaha peace out

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