Makes a person take pause

We have been keeping up on the terrible news of the wildfires in Victoria, Australia.  We have friends and family there.  We saw this picture and took pause to review our lives.  If you remember our home town of Kelowna underwent some wildfires in the summer of 2003.  No lives lost but several homes were and the event was devastating for friends and residents.  Some evidence of the fires remain to this date.

The people of Australia and Victoria state have suffered and so has the wild and domestic life.  Whatever you can do to help would probably be appreciated whether its a prayer a donation, maybe a phone call to the ones you care about wherever they are.  It made us take pause…

Koala saved


One Response

  1. Each day one should try and reflect on what you have accomplished that day regardless how little the task was. Appreciate the little things in life and reflect on what truly brings you joy and happiness. For me as most of you who know me is my kids.

    Ewen and Tracy enjoying life while touring brings many rewards each day I’m sure……
    Take care and travel safely

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