Ethology you say?

ethology n. The scientific study of animal behavior, especially as it occurs in a natural environment. 

Because of our interest in animals and dogs in particular we attended a lecture by re-known Ethologist Dr. Marc Beckoff, professor Emeritus, University of Colorado.  The lecture was held at Florida Gulf State University in Ft. Myers last week.  Expecting 200 attendees we registered Dr. Marc Bekoffearly and got there early,  in fact over 400 people attended the standing room only lecture.  We would get into what was lectured on but suffice to say that he is a very controversial and well presented speaker, having studied and written books with the likes of Dr. Jane Goodall. 

For us it was a great find in the local paper, the lecture was free and Tracy has a new book, The Emotional Lives of Animals by Dr. Beckoff to read.  If you would like a better definition of the study of Ethology or are just intrigued as we were here is a link to his website:

Jack says, – They’ll never understand us…… even I confuse me!


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