And what would you miss …. eh?

We’ve been asked a few times or more that after 6 months of traveling what are some of the things we miss and sort of don’t miss. So here are a few things-

Tracy – a backyard for sunbathing, gardening, bigger ensuite, Tim Horton’s, pocket full of loonies and toonies, two ply toilet tissue, my massage therapist, friends and family

Ewen – Becel margarine, friends & family, big soaker tub, my chiropractor and massage therapist, the mountains

Together we agreed on these things we don’t miss – higher gas/diesel prices, winter, expensive cellphone plans, shoveling snow, waiting ’til April for a motorcycle ride, raking leaves for weeks, cutting the lawn, rain…..did we mention winter?

Jack and Cate – We miss pine cones to chew on, snow to roll in, Clyde our old neighbour, Kirk and Karen’s doorway where we beg on our evening walks, our big backyard and the neighbour kids to bark at, going under the deck to continue digging in Murray’s old hole, cherries on the ground that we could eat, grass without scorpions (Cate said it I didn’t), local sniffies that we could sort of identify, swimming (in fresh water)”


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