What a dish

“Okay so we can get a tech out  to you around the 20th of February or if you wish you can try a reset on your own but we don’t want a fall now do we..??!”  A conversation with the satellite dish company that services our type of receiver on our coach.  Well let’s see, since we plan to be in New Orleans or beyond by the 20th the only other option is to climb….

Off comes the protective dome of the dish, amazing things these electronics…. now to perform the reset,  “Okay Tracy, turn off the dish”,  “Dish off comes the reply”,  “Okay now turn the receiver off”  same basic reply on our two way radios (beats yelling at each other).  And in reverse, receiver on, dish on after reset and yep, nothing……. #$%&&!!  But patience, and repeat process 3 times and then some shuckin’ and jivin’  by this little piece of electronic marvel.    Now The Ellen Show dances across our TV screen, so success is ours!! 

Heck while I’m up here might as well show you what the unit looks like and polish up the A/C units and other stuff that looks grimy.  Makin’ the best of the situation as they say.

Little dish from the rear of the coach roof  Little guy from the front  Great view from up here though..


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