I found my alligator…..!

I know that Ewen, Jack and Cate have been joking about the alligators.  For me this was a first in the wild and when you see them up close, they are friggin’  huge.  We took a drive to the Big Cypress National Wildlife Preserve/Park east of Naples and also visited an information center on the wildlife in the Everglades.  We went out on a walkway above the alligators sunning themselves on the banks.  The fellow beside me, in a very cute southern drawl began to explain that the one in my picture was about 11′ long and about 800-900 pounds.

Don't have to look too far...  Friggin' huge  Another alligator looking for a meal i suppose..

He said that if you look between their nostril and their eyes and measure 1 foot  for everyone 1 inch of length between the nostril to eye you can be pretty accurate about length.  This fellow said because there are only other alligators to compete with and lots of fish in the levy that these ‘gators are well fed.  I believe it and still can’t believe how huge they were.  Cate is still sure she can out run them, but I am sure that Jack wouldn’t have a clue what to do…. :o)


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