The Supper Bowl??

Escaping another life harrowing experience avec le crab bug.  Jack and I were watching our people speaking with other people about a supper bowl party and chilli cook off.  With my understanding of their language I thought they meant we were in for a cold supper, no surprise there but we had to wait until the television was shut off and screaming went down…..steelers


 Now we realize that this is a festival of treats for us..!!

Cate, you take the people that are yelling “Stealing” and I’ll cover the bird people.  We probably won’t need supper after this,  ’cause they’re sharing all their snacks with the floor and hey, where are we located!!?? 

Go Stealing and Birds…. we win either way!!  This is our Supper Bowl!

Post game note:  Chilli makes Jack fart, chilli makes Jack fart….but of course it only made me fluff…….

gotta love it!!


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