They say life is good…

Can you see it on my nose??So here I was, pawing through my latest book to sleep on, “Pillars  of the Earth” with all thoseCrab spiderhorse drawn carts and building a cathedral thing.   Actually keeping my females lounger warm and eeyyeewww… This tiny black bug climbs or slides down from above and voila, it skittered around my schnoz (nose) before posing for a pic and then gone.  I didn’t worry but my people kept saying “remember Miami, get it!!” ..but away it went and no bites…a crab spider.

Yeah, well,  you worry too much.   I think it still is a dogs duty to sleep.  You pretending to educate yourself You snooze never lose!!on stuff you’ll never understand nor need, ha!!…  How about reading the Dog Whisperer books and try to listen to our people a little more?   Me, I prefer to have my flip chip soak for softness and then give it a go….chew smarter not harder I say.    I think your horned little bug friend ran under the far palm, but I could be wrong, so big whoop!… take care everyone, I am thinking of you in my many naps………..”


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