three times lucky….. not!

Ever had one of those weekends where things go wrong…?  How about our out of warranty laptop computer LCD screen has packed it in and gone dark… new parts on the way within a week and they even come to the site to fix it $$$.   Tracy’s new for the trip, Panasonic Lumix digital camera stopped taking pictures and the lens has remained out and screen blank, no dropping  just stopped working.   No amount of coaxing worked and don’t have the receipt for warranty repairs as we bought it in Canada.  Local repairs will only take 2-3 months….

Satellite TV who needs satellite!?!  Our on board satellite receiver/PVR doesn’t PVR anymore.  Can you believe this all happened last Saturday, all on the same day?  Doesn’t pay to huff and puff as it ain’t gonna help so as we figure it out,  we will get things fixed and hence why there are no photos with this post and thanks to our extra laptop we have a post for you to read……



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