Classy coaches

We visited the on-site RV show at Pelican Lake of  units built by Liberty Coach, Marathon Coach, Millineum, Newmar & Newell Coach works.   Now for us this is probably going to be the only time we will be waltzing through millions of dollars worth of coaches priced anywhere from $899k up to 3.2 million.   Tracy and I both kept our favourite secret from each other to the end and then compared notes.  There was over 30 million dollars worth of stock in the 16 coaches on display.   Unbelievable colours, finishes, interior and exterior.  Gotta love the 625 hp Diesels pushing some of these rigs!!  Some offering 5000 gallons of fuel with delivery!

Liberty_coaches  Mellineum_coaches  Prevost_coach  Prevost_interior  Prevost price tag!!

After comparing notes we both agreed…. coincidentally that if we had a Million or so to spare that Newell Coach would be our next coach…  we can dream right!?!?

Newell P2000i  Newell master bath  Newell with slide out Evo grille Newell front with big guy blocking the view!!


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