So it really was a shock!

“Yep, you were right, these wires are melted together better than cheese on a Quarter Pounder, not good,” was the qualified response of the RV Tech in Fort Myers yesterday.  You see a few weeks ago we came back from a day in the Keys and upon entering the coach an odour of burning electrical something struck us.  For 3 days the source alluded us.  Snooping and sniffing around, we thought it was the laptop so we unplugged it.  Poked and prodded it and sure enough half way through that exercise the smell came back, but the laptop was unplugged! (and in a few pieces)

Any guesses? …….   well the hot-water tank, when running on electric, was melting burnt electrical wire and plastic.  It had permeated the rear area of the coach with this smell.  We were glad we located it and went strictly to propane for hot-water.  Hence  this was why the smell would come and go as the water heated and cooled.  A few phone calls and 3 weeks before we could be taken in by any dealer as an urgent case.  Where to head to?   RV repairs = next stop, now you know the secret to our vagabond Humble us at the end of the linelifestyle,  but I digress.

Find Tracy in the mix?

Up with the birds, pack up heading northbound to the dealer in Fort Myers, about 1 hour away.  So here is the picture of the service line-up yesterday.  Quite impressive actually as there were a total of 15 units before us in line (and some behind).  We had rented a car as we didn’t want to leave either I or Tracy in Naples sitting on an empty RV pad with the pups hoping to be home at night sometime.  Leaving the coach in good hands we spent the day looking around RV sites and old town Fort Myers.

Our return at closing time was when the conversation with the RV tech took place, he thought there was a propane problem and wasn’t aware of the electric side.  Alas, he spent an extra hour of overtime fixing the problem and as all RVers know, ordering parts for the remaining, more minor warranty issues and hey, only 2 1/2 weeks and we will return for the repair of the other “issues” .Shotgun front seat!!

Heading back home with me,  Cate called shotgun on the crowded front seat and Jack slept on a couch and Tracy, well she enjoyed the peace and quiet of the car ride back to Naples.

Guess we will have to suffer in the warmth and sunny skies of South West Florida for a few more weeks….  where to go, where to go!?!?


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