Today is your birthday…. gonna have a good time….

To the woman who makes everyday a bit brighter, a bit lighter and helps make our trip more enjoyable with our team that works….. Happy Birthday Tracy!!

beach_bike ice_cream_salmon_arm Tracy driving down the highway Aunt Betty and Tracy Rideau River Sponge man in the Keys

We want to say how much we love you too and even though we can really pull the fur over on you sometime. Jack and I think you are the comfiest pillow we will ever find, the best face to kiss and you make us great meals…. Happy Birthday Mom!

Cate brush Roadside lunch time Jack kiss Prepping the treats... watching for dropped ones!Comfy mom Stylin'dog walkerCate cuddle

Tracy's birthday


2 Responses

  1. Happy Birthday Tracy! Isn’t it nice to be somewhere special on the anniversary of your birth? If you’re still in Florida, check on The Columbia Restaurant. I took Bob to the Columbia in St. Augustine for his big 70! The original restaurant is in Ybor City, now Old Tampa. Have a great day & “Meows” from Pangor, Daphne & Tiazzi.

  2. Happy Birthday Tracy – great being 29 ! (metric)

    Hope Ewen’s taking you out – his treat – lol

    Noah a.k.a. Barry

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