On a fun note, Ewen has finally found the gym again…. now what he does with it is another thing!   Also  the Family Motor Coach Association has done a short profile on us for our trip. 

Click on the image to learn a bit more about us….

Our membership story


3 Responses

  1. Well now you’re just BEYOND famous!

    And…’Pets that travel with us:
    Jack and Cate — rescue pets” from your profile.

    Pardon me?

    • Jack was a rescue from Duncan SPCA, Murray was a rescue from a puppy mill in Clovedale, B.C. and Taylor a puppy mill south of Vernon, B.C.

      I think the comment was abbreviated to mean we rescue pups but Cate is a farm girl from Armstrong, B.C. and her parents can be admired from our post dated August 9th, 2008!

  2. Ewen – Gym = Oxymoron – lol

    Exercise your right elbow bro.

    Only two feet of snow remains here.

    Getting ready for Mexico.

    Cheers all


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