Refusing to head north…

After watching the Weather Channel, a lot! ‘Cause that’s what us RVers do, watch the Weather Channel and quietly gloat over the terrible conditions of this province or that state. But if the weather is crappy where we are, then we reverse it and promise ourselves wherever the sun and clear skies are is our next destination.

Snack break in the EvergladesSo deciding we weren’t quite ready to head back up north to reality and out of the depths of Florida. We headed west to Naples Saturday through the Everglades and to Silver Lakes RV resort for two weeks. After which we will travel a whole 1/2 km down the road and into Pelican Lakes Motorcoach Resort. These two resorts are nothing like where we have been over the past little while and not what you’d find at a regular RV camping area. The costs are quite over the top but while in Florida we have gotten used to the $50 – $110(US$) per night camping spots ($73-$147 Cdn).

Just thought we’d update the pictures of the site we left…..Thompson Park Miami - Pod 3

And a picture from our coach front window of the site we are now in…..yes it is still quite warm, 78F today.

Silver Lakes Coach view


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  1. Hi,
    Just found you at the FMCA members profile & visiting your blog. We too, love Banff & animals. We travel with 3 kitties. For pictures etc., give us a visit on our blogsite. The kitties have over 150,000 miles on them! In 1999 we visited the RCMP Academy in Regina & saw the Sunset Ceremony. Bob bought a cap & was treated like royalty, but that’s another story. We’ll have to meet up on the road. This year we will leave So, CA in May & plan to visit all the Canadian Maritime Provinces, well, perhaps not Labador. Happy & safe travels. Bob & Honey

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