Midnight Emergency room visit…without a helmet!

 Poor Cate, she tries and tries to keep out of trouble… We arrived back here Saturday to the Thompson Memorial Park for another week and back to the routine of walks on leashes around the park. 

Wednesday afternoon after her and Jack returned from a rambunctious on leash walk with Tracy.  Cate started rubbing her muzzle on the ground and on Jack, just like December 20th and 30th.  Due to her previous allergy events we had medication on hand and gave her what was previously recommended by the Aussie Vet.  Cate settled and around 10 p.m. her muzzle got so inflamed and swollen that she could barely see and her teeth started to show as the swelling continued. A ride is a ride when your a dog...!!

This was serious enough to us to seek and find an emergency clinic.  A few calls and at 11 p.m. we were off to an all night Emergency Vet Hospital.  Since no taxi would come for at least another 1-2 hours and her breathing was becoming laboured – It was on the motorcycle with muzzle girl in Tracy’s coat, leashed in with her head sticking out sniffing the night breeze.  

Now this is how fate works, or better yet our luck. 

Today we took back our rental car as we are leaving in the next few days and had finished the tourist thing.  Then when I started up the bike the low fuel light was flashing.  Now a quick stop for fuel brought us into a,… well, …you wouldn’t leave your children in the car sort of neighbourhood this late at night,…. But not wanting to be stranded on the US 1 Hwy, we stopped.  Maybe it was Cate’s growl at the two guys approaching that saved some time having a discussion with the “nice wheels man” gang.  Our pepper spray in hand.

flashing-lightOff again and 30 minutes later we made it.  Into emergency care at the Vet Hospital on 63rd and South Dixie Hwy.  Cate, still a bit shaky and looking like she had a St. Bernard’s muzzle.  We were not allowed to accompany her to the exam room for security reasons.  We certainly don’t blame them at an all night clinic, but it seemed like a long wait.  Patiently waiting for ½ hour we had two vets return with the prognosis of what they thought was a sting or bite.  Scorpion sting, poison snake or bigger bug which can happen without warning.  Two shots of medication and we sat with her outside in the night breeze for an hour to see if she had to stay.

Cate had it in her mind no matter what, she was leaving.  She then threw up, which apparently is another sign of increased reaction to whatever happened.  So we stayed longer.  Her meds took affect.  The primary vet took over and we must say he was an amazing man.  At 38 he had left being a mountain rescue paramedic, went back to school and became a vet.  He now works 2 jobs to pay off his student loans but says he is doing what he wants in his life now, and it most certainly showed!  You sometimes meet the most amazing people through accident.

The ride back at 3 a.m. in the humid night air was certainly less stressful but we really should get Cate a helmet and some doggles!  Today she is recovering quite slowly but her face and eyes are back to normal and her breathing is good.  Food still not staying down but we are carefully monitoring her.  Once again she is lucky and so are we. 

 Side notes:  Jack, well he is “Just Jack” and was sleeping with his normal size muzzle when we got home. Quite happy to see all of us.  Quick sniff inspection of Cate to confirm things were in order and then off to hit the first tree he saw…Good boy!!

The clinics office manager and her young husband were also there.  He was visiting with his wife at the clinic.  He had just returned from a tour of duty in Iraq and had undergone leg surgery for shrapnel wounds.  He has been discharged from the army and is recovering. These bright and articulate people made our emergency seem just a little less striking.

We most certainly wish all these amazing people, who care so much for our pets and humanity, all the best that their lives can offer.


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  1. I don’t think your people are giving you enough treats! You deserve more treats.

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