There’s no writing at Mile 0???

Mile 0 is suppose to look likeYou can’t miss them, souvenirs that declare the red/black white striped thing at Mile O in Key West has aWhat Mile 0 looked like on New Years 2008/09 bunch of identifying marks on it. Not so, during our New Year’s ride through Key West and our beach and mini- champagne New Years Eve we stopped to see the great monument at the corner of Fleming and Whitehead Streets. US 1, but no markings….. go figure. Found out later that vandals had been there just recently and a quick repaint sans markings. We are now back in Miami at the Larry and Penny Thompson Park for a week while we set up our next location somewhere near Naples on the gulf coast.

Still too warm for us to head north, but we have to move on sometime soon….

Mini-champagne on New Years Our little piece of paradise on New Years Flagler Beach Our Very Happy New Years Eve 2009!! Fireworks courtesy of the locals


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