Smell-o-vision….. need a strong stomach to watch this..

At our neighbouring campsite, whose name which I will not repeat, there is a honey pot service that will come to theHoney pot poop service sites. Removal of black water from your rig for a price. Any of you who have seen National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation might remember Cousin Eddy emptying his sewer water from his beaten up RV into the public sewer. Well this is what it reminded me of, including the smell.

See the stuff on the ground....?The locals at our RV park wondered how people can put up with it as the stench is unbelievable!! Having to see this for ourselves it didn’t take long riding a bike around the site to get this short,  but stinky video. Check out the semi-transparent tank they even use to give it a more vivid spectator appeal and the leaking connection between the pump and the tank on the trailer…….


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