Cate has done it again and almost done herself in…..

Nice kittie, no I'm down hereOkay, so I might be the blond of the group and male too but this takes the cake. Last night Cate gave all of us the scare of our trip. Around 9:30 pm after I had bothered the neighbours to have a sniff of their cats, cause I miss Leesa’s kitties.Snooozzzziiinnnn

I was resting comfortably outside with my people dreaming of my next supper, you know, living in the moment. My people were outside reading and watching TV when alpha dog noticed Cate chew on a leaf that was from a plant in our site. Usually she is chewing on my neck or her chewie, a stick or a bone.

He made such a fuss and went over and took it away from Cate. So now my rest is disturbed as within 1-2 minutes Cate was flailing around trying to scratch her muzzle, and teeth and tongue whining up a storm. I personally thought she was choking. Nothing new for us dogs when we take on more than we can swallow or chew but she wasn’t even stealing my chewie. My people took her inside to put their fingers in her throat and get her to throw up. Both of them started playing with the computer thing, speaking in words I didn’t get about plants. He went to see the local RV site manager who apparently says there are no poisonous plants here.

At any rate Cate was blathering away and panicking but breathing alright. They were holding a flashlight to her eyes saying things like “responsive.” I did my usual removing myself from the situation and waiting under the table. I did come out once, consoled them and hid again. Cate (and my peoples) panic subsided after about 1/2 hour after the fingers in the throat episode. We were going to get a Vet, a Vet can you believe it. Not again, but they called the ASPCA poison line and Cate settled on the couch with him, so I of course jumped up to console myself by resting as this was very trying. Then Cate jumped back down and tried to drink water looking like a dog who had a tooth pulled and drooled everywhere while still scratching at her nose.

Another few hours and some Children’s Benadryl and she slept. He stayed up most of the night making sure she was breathing and okay and now….. well we are wrestling on the floor. The plant must have frozen and swelled up her tongue, lips and airway, but guarantee it didn’t shut her up, no way. They spoke on the telephone and think if she had ingested the leaf it may have well closed off her airway. Lucky catch for her. This yelping Aussie is lucky once again but my friend is alright so we move on….. a walk you say….outta here!'Who needs Cate for my walk...?

Cate recuperatingLucky pup is recuperating today….


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