The pelican, the pelican, his mouth holds more than his belly can !

The Olde trolley companyOf course since tourism is the main stay in the Florida Keys and we want to help stimulate the economy we have been touring on motorcycle, trolley car and foot.  Key West proper is 17 miles from our campsite and so we have been in a few times riding the trolley to learn the history, walking the docks and squares to get the feel of what is there.

Having another week left we will pace our tourist trips with local area bar meals and enjoying meeting the locals and the travellers in our campsite.  Here is Tracy in the famous Mallory Square where the ship-wreckers sold the booty they got from ships wrecked on the reefs in the 1800 and early 1900’s around Key West.

MallorY Square Key West, FlCaught one!!Also of interest is the deep sea fishing in the area.  Quite popular and quite expensive.  I found a true Scottish way of catching a tuna without leaving the dock..

Wreck restaurantEating local fare can be quite entertaining as some of the local restaurants are on street corners and look like they had been constructed from left overs from one of the many hurricanes the Keys have suffered.

And the Pelican,  well, one of the docks we visited has quite the collection of fish swimming beneath taking advantage of the families purchasing fish food from a vending machine on the dock and throwing it off the dock.  The fish come in to feed for free and well…… this Brown Pelican had the same idea only one step up on the food chain.  He was sitting on this Zodiac tied to the dock and when the fish came up,  yep he’d scoop up one or two and wait again.  He was so determined he wouldn’t give up his fishing spot, not even for Tracy…balancing carefully on his able feet!  Mommy, mommy that bird ate ……!

Get your own fishin' hole


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