Our place

We’ve discussed with others, on more than one occasion, what our site or RV park looks like.  So thinking maybe we should write a post each time we stay for let’s say more than 2-3 days would help alleviate the questions and give you all a more detailed idea of where we hang out.

This campsite is on Hwy 1 north of Key West and right next door, 1/2 mile south of the KOA.  Now let me tell you we lucked out with this park.  It is smaller, quieter, more foliage and on a man made lake.  About $15 U.S. per night cheaper and sites more spaced out…

We could have chosen this… Tight, tight...for $100 bucks a night! Noisy and busy....still tight Even the tents are tight for $50 U.S. a night Sense of humour?

But we choose this….

Simpler signShade and grass and lots of palm treesroom to park beside front and back Priced lower for the same services, just not on the channel

thanks to some advice we received on the Internet from some previous travelers, our luck!


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