Aussie Shepherd visits Aussie Doctor

Try and find a vet when you are traveling? One that you know will care as much as you do about your pet?   Well little wonder it was Cate’s turn to see a vet and we thought how could we find a better one than we have at home… not likely so try another tact.Aussie Animal Hospital

Aussie shepherd, Aussie vet, seemed like a good approach. So we went to the Aussie Animal Hospital in South Miami-Dade with Cate and Jack, yes Jack literally in tow. When we got within 3’ of the vet’s door Jack and Cate were competing for dibs on the front seat of the car and pulling in that direction!

My ears, my ears can you take this thing off please!?!?Poor Cate for the past few days, has been rubbing her head along anything that is available, grass, gravel, carpet, tile, legs, and Jack’s body. We were beside ourselves and thought that maybe now that we are using the Hal-tie – Gentle Leader collar that we had done some type of damage in controlling her.

Not to be, our little yelper somehow has broken out in an allergic reaction to some type of wheat or salt-based foodstuff. The only thing we… I could think of was the spray cheese which we had to try out just once ‘cause we could…. Here in the states. Never had seen or tasted it and well, Cate got a taste.

 a little tlcHer ear-flaps, for lack of a better word, is where her allergic reaction took place. No cream, no cold packs, just time and baby Benadryl. Jack was quite relieved the thermometer was only meant for Cate and that he was a just a spectator on this visit. Cate’s ears are now clearing up quite nicely and the Hal-tie stays, much to her chagrin.

Yep, the vet did have an Aussie accent and originally was from outside Melbourne, Victoria, Australia…


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