Leezzaarrdd ! ! !

Without a doubt Miami and surrounding area is the place to be. We can see why you can get lost in these diverse cultures. Between us both we understand more Spanish than we speak but use your GPS to get lost and you will learn a lot more than you expected to that day.

Miami Vice marinaWe have explored areas where, according to movie and TV websites, movies and episodesVin Diesel?? were shot. The marina where Don Johnson docked his boat in Miami Vice. Where Horatio and his CSI team investigates the latest crime which can be solved in the hour, but people here still can’t find a parking spot downtown! Where Tracy swears Vin Diesel passed us in his tricked out Land Rover.(and she took a picture to prove it)

Miami waterway yachtsFollow the downtown waterways to multi-million $ homes on the water with their yachts parked in front at the ready and take a tour to the cruise line docks. Walk the sales lots full ofCruise ship alley Maserati’s, Bugatti’s and Ferrari’s. Commerce is alive and well and living in Miami. It would take us another couple of weeks to even scratch the surface of the Fashion District or the Arts but we did manage to get to see the American Airlines center where the Miami Heat play.

You never know, after the Keys we might return for more Miami adventures if the tolls don’t get us. And the Leezzaarrdd, well that was what Tracy yelled as this 2’ 1/2′ plus Lizard decided to make a run for it across the road this afternoon. Dog, cat, bird…but lizard?!



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