Cate just got a nose job……

I warned her and warned her. Just keep it up and soon you will be heading for more serious correction. I know, I took a while, …..okay a long while to get it right, but I am much better, even our people agree. My temper is more even and by wagging my tail instead of dragging it I get a lot more cutesy comments and food….yes food!

Cates new gentle leader....On the odd occasion, I wander into other campgrounds following my nose and voila, I look up and smiles all around. Now look at you Cate, a Rodolph Red nose thingy just because you can’t keep your trap shut and follow where you’re told to go. You look ridiculous and all the better for me to look as handsome as I should….. c’mon over next to me, you’re improving my stature already…

Here’s the pup calling the kettle black. Years, it took years for you to settle down. I bet Murray and Taylor had to put up with a lot and actually I am surprised you finally did learn. We took classes together and all but I thought I would beat you…… Obviously this herding thing in my head is just a bit stronger than I anticipated. But just you wait you blond mongrel, I will get it right and one day this “Gentle Leader” thing will be history and I will once again regain my status as the cutest and best behaved……. why can’t I look over there, let go of my….. owwchthh!!

Dis is dnot bery fummie......


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  1. 45 inches of snow – now 9 degrees Fahrenheit – Dec 21st

    Enjoy the sun

    Merry Christmas all!

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